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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Base, Direct, Indirect Hitpoints and Mana mean?

Magelo shows the values for Base, Direct and Indirect HPs and Mana so that people can see how much each of those three areas contributes to the overall amount of HPs and Mana they have.

Base : This is the amount of HPs and Mana that a character has if (s)he was totally unequipped, gearless and of course, buffless and such . The effects of AA skills on HPs and Mana are added to this, since they are innate to the character.

Direct : This is the amount of HPs and Mana that come from items directly. They can be seen as +XX HP or +XX Mana on the items. They are added together to give the total Direct amount. Note that this includes percentile increases due to AA skills as well.

Indirect : Basically, this is just the Total amount, minus the Base and Direct totals. It comes from the STA (for HPs) and WIS/INT (for Mana) from the gear that the character uses. Since STA first needs to convert to HPs and WIS/INT to Mana through a calculation, this is called 'Indirect'. Note that those calculations also depend on the total amount of STA/WIS/INT, since there are tresholds in the gain at various stages (like the relative drop in mana gain past 200 WIS/INT).
Written initially by Onetree