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Frequently Asked Questions

This item is missing from the database!

At this point, chances are it's in the database. Either you got the name wrong, you're looking in the wrong slot, you gave an incorrect item id for a lookup, or your browser is messing up (clear your cache). Please correct the problem or do futher reaseach and try again.

No really, it's missing from the database!

Alright, so you've done a thorough check and you cannot find it. Please read this to find out how items enter the database.

Run Magelo Sync. It's the ONLY way to have items added or updated in the database. Your posting the stats on the board or asking us to enter it is pointless. Once again, the ONLY way to enter or update items is for the person owning the item to run Magelo Sync.

If you don't own the item, there is nothing you nor we can do. You will have to wait for someone that owns the item to run Magelo Sync.

How to run Magelo Sync:
  1. Download it here.
  2. Log in the character owning the item you want to update or add.

Thats it, it's added/updated.

Written initially by Onetree and Jaradis