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Posted: 3/10/12, 1:44 AM

note: most linked images are hosted outside magelo.

I've been doing my own backgrounds for a few years. Simple ones involve merely resizing and cropping pictures and/or ingame quotes from guild chat. More complex ones, sure. It's all quite low-level, you certainly don't need a Master's degree in Photoshop to replicate what I've done e.g. Tic Tac Toe.

Last year around this time, I wasn't in Canada playing EQ, instead I was in Japan (if you've seen my sigs you'll know what I was doing there). Except... a little of me died inside.

A year ago this coming Sunday, March 11, 12:46 AM EST before Daylight Savings Time starts – or March 11, 2011, 2:46 PM JST – a M9.0 earthquake hit the seabed off the east coast of Japan.

Less than an hour later, I was in the underground concourse of Tokyo station. TV screens near the ticket gates usually display congestion/delay notices on the intercity rail lines; instead, they were showing live helicopter video of a water wave engulfing anything trying to flee from the tsunami.

It was anything but a video game, where you can pretend to forget the many times you wiped a guild raid by doing something wrong . Entire houses swept away by water as if they're tiny Lego bricks, these aren't images you can easily 'delete' from the mind. Never mind the nuclear emergency, several towns along the coast were all but literally erased from their existence.

Hence, until the end of this month, I'm running this background on rild's magelo.

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Posted: 7/31/12, 7:38 PM

Not found =(

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