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Posted: 4/20/12 12:00 PM

Is there any way we can search for specific Heroic stats under the EQ Item Search?

If, for example, I were to bring up a necro and wanted to go farm all the Heroic Intelligence aug for him that I could, it would be rather handy to be able to search speficially for augs with that Heroic stat. While I know that it would mean sifting through all the Numinous, Illustrious, etc. symbols, at least it is a better starting point than is available now.
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Posted: 9/6/12 11:22 AM

I would also like this feature. It would help a lot with gear planning, which is the #1 use I have for Magelo, and I doubt I'm alone in that.

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Posted: 9/10/12 6:22 AM

We plan to work on a new version of the Item search that will include specific Heroic stats filters.
We hope being able to deliver something at the end of September. We will do our best!

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Posted: 4/5/13 5:09 PM

Necro aug with heroic int:
> http://eq.magelo.com/items/54?c=11&f=e21_0_0

You can now go even further with the filters and weight your search as well.