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Posted: 5/11/12 7:34 PM

I apologize if it was already brought up (or if there's a way to do it).

Would it be possible to make the listing of a character profile at the ranking page be optional by the user?

I would love to have magelo profiles but I don't want them all being linked to the ranking leader board.
(making the character private will unlink the profile but will still be listed by name at the ranking page).

Thank you.

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Posted: 9/10/12 6:55 AM

Hi Warlord_Gorgol,
Sorry for the late feedback on your message.
We can in fact add this option to completely hide a specific character of your choice also from the Ranking.
I will keep you posted.

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Posted: 9/25/12 3:25 AM

When this goes live can you have the default option be to still be in the rankings so that people that dont pay attention as much would not be removed from the ranks unless they change the setting themselves? Hate to see the ranking list go from a few hundred to 12 over night 8)


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Posted: 9/26/12 12:39 AM

Yes this option will not be automatic. You will need to select it in your characters privacy setting.