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Posted: 2/14/13 4:13 PM

Each time they are a patch. The sync doesn't work. It's all fine, I can understand this
My question is :
What is the best way to update the sync so it work, how much day it usually take to work again ?

Do I need to get the sync again ? Will it update by itself ?
Thx and sorry if it was answered earlier, couldn't find the information

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Posted: 2/14/13 8:29 PM

Hello stoixion,

We usually need 1 business day to update Magelo Sync when there is a game patch. It can take longer depending on the work that need to be done. For example, when there is a new expansion, we usually need a week to cover it.

In any case, you have nothing to do. Magelo Sync will work again as soon as we patch it.
As soon as Magelo Sync is back, we update our homepage news and post a word on Facebook and Twitter.

So regarding the latest game update, Eq was patched on Feb 13 and again yesterday on Feb 14. Magelo Sync should be back today. We will keep you posted in our website Homepage news.


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Posted: 2/16/13 11:32 AM

We're at day 3 after patch. Any ETA on having this functional again? Time credit to everyone's account?

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Posted: 2/17/13 4:39 AM

Just patched and credited 3 days as commented on our news Have a good WE !