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> > > Vale Lord's Crystal charm max stats are incorrect.

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Khat Nip
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Posted: 3/3/13 4:29 AM

The charm Vale Lord's Crystal has the following requirements in order to max it:
"This charm improves as you wear more class-specific armor".

However, all slots can increase the stats instead of only the 8 visible armor slots. This includes Primary, Secondary, Range, plus the other 9 non-vis slots.

With 8 pieces of raid armor the stats show correctly as in the link, eg., 124 AC.
When I equip a SHD-only shield the charm increases to 130 AC. I then wear a SHD-only belt and the charm increases to 136 AC (+ other stats), etc.

I wouldn't think that this was intended when Sony made the item but it's currently working that way.

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Posted: 3/10/13 11:37 PM

Hi Khat Nip,

Max value for each charm is actually an observation from Magelo Sync since it's impossible to code it... So if the max value is wrong, you can simply sync your character with Magelo Sync when you have the SHD shield equipped and it should properly update the max value for the charm you are wearing.
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Posted: 3/26/13 10:11 AM

Can anyone confirm if putting a Tempus Faycite Shard in a non-visbile counts as a class specific piece of gear to increase the stats on these charms???

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Posted: 4/6/13 4:00 AM

Adding any Faycite Shard (Slot 3 Aug) to a item does not add to the count of class specific items.

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