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Posted: 10/5/13, 1:28 PM

I realize the answer would be to "just sync" as if it were a new character, but I want to keep the old link / magelo profile number.

We used to be able to edit everything except the class or race/class - we could edit the name, level, etc. Is this a possibility at all now?

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Posted: 10/6/13, 3:11 PM

Would love to know as well!

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Posted: 10/7/13, 12:43 PM

Hi Guys,

You cant update your identity anymore manually however that shouldnt be an issue at all. A given profile pertains to a given character. If the character changes in any way, even his name race class or server, Magelo Sync will still find your matching character and update it accordingly.

The only thing you cant do, is recycle an profile id with a character you dont play anymore for a new character. I understand the incentive to have a very low profile ID but this should diminish as soon as we introduced friendly profile url and honestly speaking, profile/rathe/jelan is a lot better than profile/2