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Posted: 1/17/14, 7:35 PM

its been awhile since the last time i freed up game slots.. i had 3 toons on there not including Main one, deleted 1 but slots still 0/3 need 3rd slot for another toon. Any help please?


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Posted: 1/17/14, 7:39 PM

I seen this issue a few times... Does this still have to manually fixed still to open back up the slot once a toon is deleted?

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Posted: 1/20/14, 5:28 AM

Hello Bahda13,

Deleting a character will not free a game slot. As soon as you synchronize a character from a new game account, a game slot is taken.

So basically you can sync all the characters you have on 3 different accounts. You can reset your game slots 1 time during your subscription, in your account page. You already did it but I manually reset them again for you.

Have a good day!