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Register: 2/8/06
Posted: 2/20/14 4:05 AM

EverQuest has been patched yesterday, Wednesday February 19, 2014.

Magelo Sync has been updated!

  • Alternate Advancement Ability Auto-Granting: AA abilities are now auto-granted for Gold players who check the opt-in box on the "Alternate Advancement" window. Abilities up to and including level 85 and Underfoot are auto-granted. See the "AA" section below for more details and exceptions.
  • Leadership AAs have been converted to standard abilities. You no longer need to earn separate leadership experience to obtain these abilities. To learn more about the change, you can press 'L' in-game. See the "UI" section below for additional details.
  • Many spells and AA abilities related to fighting multiple NPCs at once have been altered. See the "Spells" and "AA" sections below.
  • Heroic Adventure Rares - Many problematic spells used by rares inside of Heroic Adventures have been changed, and target selection for all of their spells improved. See the "NPC" section below for more details.
  • Heroic Adventures no longer lock, so players can be added to them at any time. Request timers are unchanged.
  • Increased the spawn chance for all rare NPCs in House of Thule.
  • Progression servers have a new poll available regarding the implementation of Alternate Advancement Ability Auto-Granting. You must be level 60 and on a progression server to vote.
  • Perfected Augmentation Distillers are now being sold on the Marketplace.

Get the full patch notes in the EverQuest official forum.

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Posted: 2/21/14 7:43 AM

Magelo Sync has just been patched!
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Posted: 2/21/14 10:12 AM

First Sync was saying it couldn't establish a network connection (though I did have an internet connection) - I reinstalled - and now it just gives the same message it gave after the patch and won't track my character.

Now it's alternating between network failure and not working as it did post patch (message about eqgame.exe being patched).
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Posted: 2/21/14 11:24 AM

Your patch did not work. Still getting the eqgame.exe has been patched, Magelo Sync will be updated soon to support this version.
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Posted: 2/21/14 12:00 PM

I am having the same problem.
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Posted: 2/21/14 12:58 PM

Server Maintenance: Friday, Feb 21 @ 6:00AM Pacific

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Posted: 2/22/14 5:23 AM

Yes there was another game patch just after our update. We are working on it.
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Posted: 2/26/14 11:46 AM

magelo sync is unable to locate my char..

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Posted: 2/26/14 11:01 PM

Hi jilarak,

I don't think your issue is related to the latest game update.
Could you please open another topic in the Bugs forum , providing your Magelo Sync log file?
Try to sync again and when the error occurs press Ctrl+Shift=L to get the log. You can copy it in your message.
Thank you!

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Posted: 2/26/14 11:13 PM

Another user reported the same kind of issue you are having in this topic: Sync
Instead of opening another topic, could you please post you log there? Thank you.