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Posted: 2/22/14 2:54 AM

Simply put, is there a way to suppress music when embedding a magelo profile into another page?

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Posted: 2/26/14 11:19 PM

I mikeph056,
I did not reply before to you because I am actually not sure if what you are asking is possible. I don't think so but I am waiting for Jelan feedback to give you a proper answer. So I will keep you posted asap!

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Posted: 3/4/14 12:53 PM


You can disable music on all profiles but that's pretty much all, you cant disable the music on a given profile for a given context (when you embed it). What kind of use case do you have in mind ?

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Posted: 4/8/14 2:14 AM

Open a profile and go into the settings (the gear-like icon, very bottom of the right tab set), inside are two check boxes, unselect the "Play music" one – this will disable music for all profiles from loading.

I am unsure if it's based on cookies or whatnot, I've never tested it that far.

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Posted: 4/19/14 12:23 AM

On my guild webpage, I embedded each member's Magelo onto their profile page.

Originally I had it under a tab that you had to click to see, but I had to take it off that because webpages that spam music as soon as you load it and make it hard to instantly shut off are bad design. (Not saying Magelo is bad design, you can instantly shut it off, I'm saying my hiding it behind a tab so you can't see the shutoff button was bad design).

I was hoping there was some way of linking to a profile and adding an option that would load the page with the music shut off. Something like:


Then I could embed it, put it behind the tab, but not have to worry about blasting people with music they can't shut off in under a second. If they then wanted to, they could hover over it to start the music like normal.

Does that make sense?