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Posted: 1/2/07 10:40 PM

I have been a premium member since 2002. My present subscription expires January 27th. I have been paying for 2 upgrades for 13 Game slots since I have 11 EQ accounts. Even though I only had Characters from 7 accounts on the profiles. I plan, at least for the present on renewing just the basic premium or possibly just one upgrade, giving me either 3 game slots or 8 if i upgrade once. My question is the button "Free up Game Slots" has a warning, "This may be used only once per subscription". Does this mean once per year, or does it mean Once for all time that I am a subscriber. I have deleted many of my characters from the Magelo profiles leaving only characters from 3 accounts on the profiles, but it still shows 7/13 game slots used.

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Posted: 1/3/07 1:18 AM

it means once per year also just by deleting the toons from the system doesn't clear that game slot cause an account is still attached to that game slot only way to clear that is to free game slots

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Posted: 1/3/07 4:37 AM

Actually, to be precise, it is once per year of Premium that you have, with no "memory" (i.e. if you don't use it one year, you can still only do it once the next Premium service and not twice - you don't accumulate it).

As said, deleting characters does not free up EverQuest account slots, even if all characters from an EverQuest account are deleted. Once every Premium year you can free up all EverQuest accounts attached to your Premium for free.
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Posted: 1/5/07 10:07 PM

soooooo, i want to change what characters i can sync with magelo update. do i just wipe all my chars and then re-sync the three i intend to be able to use magelo update with?
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Posted: 1/6/07 1:37 AM

sync unlimated toon as long as they belong to 1 account so if you have 10 toons on a server and you delete one and create a new one you can still sync the new one

deleate all toons from magelo you don't need or want and keep the ones you do