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Posted: 6/19/07 4:28 PM

We are not giving up on EQ2, we had to postpone it a bit but hopefully we will be ready for the next EQ2 expansion. i can't guarantee anything on the release date but at least you have an idea.
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Posted: 9/25/07 2:06 AM


I doubt anyone not in EQ2 has an idea how hard it is to keep track and build up multiple sets of raid gear using what SOE provides.
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Posted: 10/2/07 1:24 PM

I dont play eq2, but knowing what soe provides, I dont have to play eq2 to know that their "service" sucks. I feel for you. Hopefully the magelo service for eq2 will be out for you soon enough.
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Posted: 10/4/07 7:25 PM

I would encourage all of you that feel it's cool to take shots at the dev team here to move your selfs over to EQPlayers. I can't say enough about EQPlayers, it's information is out of date. It's difficult to use. They still use the out of date AA structure. All of this and they have the information avaialble unlike Magelo which has to work it out from input on the forums.
In the mean time if you come to your senses Magelo is about as good as it gets. Magelo is first and for most for EQ. If and when the dev team decides to support EQ2 and WoW or the next great game that comes along, I hope they charge with this threads worth of kind words in mind.
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Posted: 10/6/07 10:24 AM

And I encourage the developers' little lapdogs to remember we ARE paying for this service, so frankly, we're allowed to be imperious little snots. This isn't a contest between Magelo and any other profiling service, it's a contest between "something I'm willing to pay for" and "Something I'm not." If you don't like what we're posting, feel free to move yourself to somewhere that's not this forum.

Liking Magelo is fine and praising the devs is great and all, but what it boils down to is that we're paying for this service. I feel no more loyalty or amiability towards the Magelo crew than I do towards my mechanic or my hair stylist. If they're doing something that a customer doesn't like, that customer is WELL within rights to complain about it. Maybe you'd prefer for everyone to suffer in silence, or play the yes-man game, until the day Magelo is a sad empty husk - because everyone quit paying and moved on, having never gotten what they wanted out of the service, because the devs didn't KNOW what they wanted, because people like you told them to stfu and sit down when they tried telling the world what they did and didn't like about the service. Seriously, this forum is like a free focus group for the Magelo staff, and you're NOT helping the development team by berating the customers who are taking the time to give their input.

EDIT: Personal attacks on misuse of the English language removed. I realize pointing out bad grammar and spelling is not constructive here, and sadly, yours is actually some of the least painful to read. Gods, but it's annoying though.
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Posted: 11/13/07 12:32 PM

Jelan said:<quote>
We are not giving up on EQ2, we had to postpone it a bit but hopefully we will be ready for the next EQ2 expansion. i can't guarantee anything on the release date but at least you have an idea.

It has been nearly three years since EQ2 launched. The fourth EQ2 expansion is launching today. At least two years since the new and improved magelo site went live. Two years since we were told that support for WoW (about which I really couldn't care less - tried it, hated it) and EQ2 (which I do play) would roll out in about two weeks after the magelo site went live. I am thinking the magelo devs were slightly over-optimistic in giving that timeframe, and I see no reason to believe the new timeframe of "soon = within 4 months" is any more viable than the first.

Sadly, magelo is still the best shot at a useful and up to date profiling service, and one that will not parceled out in bits and pieces such as is eq2players. Do you want to pay extra (every month) to view things like leaderboards, your character advancement points (and woefully outdated at that), or compare different pieces of gear? If so, then eq2players is for you. As for myself, I'll just keep patiently waiting and hoping that the magelo crew will roll out EQ2 support sometime before I grow tired of playing it and move on to yet another game.

/em sits back, grabs a drink and ponders why people feel the need to attack that which they can not change.

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Posted: 11/13/07 5:07 PM

Well RoK is being released today and I do not think we will see an announcement of any pending release of Magelo covering EQII.

I personally believe that it will take a minimum of 12 to 18 months for Magelo to be able to offer coverage of EQII. Magelo Devs most likely have done little more than evaluate expanding coverage to EQII and WoW, and if you want to take a business point of view you go for WoW first. Additionally, the devs still have to maintain EQ coverage while working on developing a new platform coverage. So, till its announced that the devs are working on EQII coverage I'll hold little hope.
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Posted: 12/12/07 3:42 PM

i fully believe it was farce from the start.