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Posted: 11/7/15 12:04 PM

So I'm camping 2 mobs for awhile today. I am watching magelo sync while I hunt. Contrary to my results yesterday where I didn't see sync update very much, I saw the kills immediately (IF they have loot). However, when I kill a mob with nothing on it, the advloot window does not open. Thus, it seems, the kill does not register. This will be a problem for accuracy. If a mob drops 1 drop or nothing, and all the nothings do not register at all, the drop rate will be 100% instead of what is should be. So if the drop happens on 2/3 mobs, magelo is only picking up the two with loot, hence 2/2 or 100% instead of 2/3 at 66%.

2nd issue. Not sure if this was changed in advloot - or just since the old days. If a mob drops (3) of something (like silk) and it is stacked, magelo only registers it as dropped once. So doesn't that mean that we dont have a good way of knowing how many silks drop, just how often a mob drops "some" silk? Can magelo detect and cound stacked drops?

On the bright side, I don't see any lag - db seems to update very quickly when mobs have loot.

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Posted: 11/21/15 9:37 PM

Hi Drool,
  1. This is unfortunately a limitation of the new advanced loot system... Not much we can do about it but note that it will impact loot table that only have a single item in it which is not so common for things that matter.
  2. We do record the stack size, I will check what is going on if it's not displayed properly anymore.

Thanks for your feedback.