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Posted: 3/3/17 4:39 PM


Yes i know.. search.
And i have done so, finding only posts the youngest of which was 5years old.

My issue:
I was asked by my guild to update my magelo, which has been created many years ago the manual way.
I find that i can not properly update my char's profile anymore.
The gear my char has is simply not shown as a result in the edit window.
(the slot entry field in "Manage character - Edit equipment" screen gives no result on TBM or EoK raid gear)

After giving it some thinking, i THINK it may have to do that the equipment i am trying to enter has a minimum level higher than the level listed in my Magelo - since my return i have obviously leveled a bit.
(max level back then, max level now...)
So i was trying to change the profile's level, and find i can not.

After logging in, i go to "my characters", get a list of the 3 "Main" chars i had entered.
I click on "edit", then go to the "identiy card", as that is the only place i see my level.
But update it i can not, it's a label only and not an entry field, and at the side it says "Use magelo Sync to update your identiy".
Well, that is not an option.
There is no way i am going to install software on my computer especially one that, per definition, sniffs on my network traffic.
I have chosen "manual" creation back then on purpose.

On the other hand, i would hate to delete that profile - it has such a nice low number.
(and from reading the forums i doubt that deleting it might change anything anyways since in one post it was mentioned i would "have to" use Sync to create a "character template")

So the questions are:
What do i have to do (if i can do anything) to get my character's level updated without installing some software?
And would updating my character's level allow me then to actually enter his current (high-end) gear?
(since the edit would not show me TBM nor EoK gear except Crypt-hunter's, the required level of which is less than what my char was when i did - manually! - update it last time.)
Is it even still possible to MANUALLY create and maintain a character profile anymore?
I get the impression that it's not and frankly, that bothers me a lot.

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Posted: 3/8/17 9:00 AM

Hi quepharaun,

Short story, you cant anymore. You have to install Magelo Sync and use it to update your profile a part from your gear.