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Posted: 1/2/19 1:21 PM

I just signed up for Magelo Premium today, specifically for the aug charts.

While the Aug Chart is an incredibly powerful tool, it is also hard(er than necessary) to read. Some of my type 5 augs are in slots 1 and some are in slot 2. Some of the new gear has 2 slots for the same type.

The chart would be much more user friendly if I could set it filter only 1 aug type, (even better if I can pick 2 types to filter). Say for instance I get a new type 5. A lot of my type 3 slots are pushing my 5s into slot 2, but other gear missing type 3 the 5s are in slot 1. This makes the chart harder to read than necessary.

Thank you for considering this.

PS. It would also be nice if I could have some sort of comparison feature for the aug chart, or at least when logged into a premium account to be able to see an aug chart of my guild mates or other people etc. Clicking through each piece of gear of someone else to try to learn how to better equip my class can be very tedious (hence the reason I got premium for myself).