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Posted: 12/3/07 4:30 PM

I decided to explore Magelo's non-obvious features this weekend and found the list of armor sets per class (kunark, anguish, etc). I noticed that some classes are more complete in their listing than others.

Which brings up a couple questions:
1) Is the armor set listing database generated by similar naming/class restrictions or are the listings submitted by users?

2) If they are submitted by users, if I were so compelled to compile a more comprehensive list for a class or two, where would I submit said lists?


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Posted: 12/4/07 5:45 AM

Last I heard it was being done manually by staff. If you find any missing then you can help by posting in the Suggestion area (or, frankly, simply add to this thread) a compilation of the missing armor pieces. Make sure it's organized by set so the associations are clear. Thanks.

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Posted: 12/5/07 1:13 AM

Looks like I have something to do to pass the time until I am tired enough to sleep

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Posted: 12/5/07 1:41 AM

Berserker Ornate Armor (PoP)
Jymall's Boots of Frenzy
Jymall's Coif of Frenzy
Jymall's Gloves of Frenzy
Jymall's Leggings of Frenzy
Jymall's Sleeves of Frenzy
Jymall's Tunic of Frenzy
Jymall's Wristguard of Frenzy

Berserker Elemental Armor (PoP)
Galladan's Stormwrath Boots
Galladan's Stormwrath Bracer
Galladan's Stormwrath Coif
Galladan's Stormwrath Gloves
Galladan's Stormwrath Leggings
Galladan's Stormwrath Sleeves
Galladan's Stormwrath Tunic

Berserker Plane of Hate Armor
Shadow Rage Boots
Shadow Rage Gloves
Shadow Rage Helm
Shadow Rage Leggings
Shadow Rage Sleeves
Shadow Rage Tunic
Shadow Rage Wristguard

Berserker Thurgadin Armor (Velious)
Icefury Boots
Icefury Bracer
Icefury Coif
Icefury Gauntlets
Icefury Greaves
Icefury Sleeves
Icefury Tunic

Berserker Skyshrine Armor(Velious)
Boots of Fire's Fury
Bracer of Fire's Fury
Coif of Fire's Fury
Gauntlets of Fire's Fury
Leggings of Fire's Fury
Sleeves of Fire's Fury
Tunic of Fire's Fury

Kunark Armor
Boots of Wrath
Bracer of Wrath
Coif of Wrath
Gloves of Wrath
Leggings of Wrath
Sleeves of Wrath
Tunic of Wrath


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Posted: 12/5/07 5:00 AM

They will be added in the next web-site patch. Thanks for the input.


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Posted: 12/8/07 2:58 AM

Live, thanks eepok !