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Posted: 6/9/19 12:09 PM

My stats are not showing up correctly no gear and low hp ect like its showing im level 15 . do I have to pay to have all the gear in my magelo ?
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Posted: 6/21/19 7:54 PM

[M] https://eq.magelo.com/all_features.jspa]

With a Premium account, your character is fully synced in one click and you can access all the features available on the website.

With a Free account, many information about your character are synchronized. However you still need to manually provide the equipment of your character and some features on the website are restricted to Premium members.

To manually input the equipment go to "My Characters" > Edit > Equipment > Profiles > Main

From here you can manually input the equipment & augment names for your character's various equipment slots using the search function to generate a list of possible equipment for each slot

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Posted: 7/6/19 3:04 PM

I go to my characters and the only option I see is to sync, so the manually input is no longer an option?
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Posted: 7/30/19 7:07 PM

Hi Memzilla, while you have open the EQ Magelo website in your browser,

Click On "My Characters" which is on the left hand pane under "Community" on the website.

This shows you a list of the characters assigned to your Magelo account,

Under each character pane there you should see the following words with some icons in front of them:

Signature Customize Edit Privacy Settings Delete

Click on Edit then Equipment > Profiles > Main

From there you can search for the name of & input your equipment.


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Posted: 8/16/19 12:50 AM

yes, you cannot create a character manually anymore, it's actually been a few years since we made that change. Simply use Magelo Sync to register your characters.