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Posted: 9/30/19 1:38 AM

I’m new to this site and bought some heroic characters. Can anyone help with a site or info on how to best learn to play a warrior and cleric and to gear my level 97 warrior and cleric? I have other classes also so want a site where I can learn each and gear each the best for the level.

If it can be done on this site I haven’t figured it out yet.

Any help is appreciated.

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Posted: 9/30/19 9:05 PM

Allah's is probably a good place to start. Unfortunately, many of the class specific websites have died out over the years and since no one was paying their hosting fees, they have disappeared. I'm not a big Warrior or Cleric player, so never actually went out and found those ones, but Necros and Mages still have active sites (kinda).

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Posted: 10/18/19 2:13 AM

I think the general EverQuest forums would be your best-bet for some helpful introductory information.

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Posted: 10/19/19 2:23 AM

Pretty cool to see both you guys on the site, hope all is well on your side !