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Posted: 12/28/19, 10:26 PM

I am getting an eqgame.exe has been patched Sync will soon be updated to support this version. well this has been going on for a month or more now
when will this be fixed?

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Posted: 12/29/19, 10:53 AM

It's been a week and a half, not a month.

But I agree, I almost posted something as well, this is the longest it's taken to patch magelo after a game update since I started paying for it.

Would be nice to get it updated.
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Posted: 12/29/19, 3:37 PM

same here. i am guessing the holiday threw a wrench into the mix for the delay. but its been over a week since they game has been updated and broke the magelo updater
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Posted: 12/29/19, 11:34 PM

We had 2 patches in December due to the expansion launch plus it was very close to the Christmas / New Year holiday so I don't realistically expect an update until after the New Year.


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Posted: 12/30/19, 5:28 AM

Finally up, along with a pretty big update to support the new expansion. We will post a news tomorrow.