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Posted: 2/13/20 6:52 AM

EverQuest has been patched on February 11, 2020.
The Patch Notes is available in the game forum.

Magelo Sync has been patched!
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Posted: 2/18/20 11:52 AM

Eq was patched again Friday 14th February. It seems Magelo Sync needs to be patched again so. Thank you in advance for this.
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Posted: 2/18/20 7:25 PM

February 13, 2020

      • Items ***
  • Corrected the AC and endurance valus and of Lute of the Wanderer, Horn of the Stormcaller, Flute of the Siren, and Drums of the Warlord.

      • Quests & Events ***
  • Tower of Frozen Shadow progression - The large frost-bitten gnoll can again be found on the first floor. The shadow beast necromancer can again be found on the sixth floor.
  • Griklor the Restless (Raid and Mission) - Fixed issue that was causing Griklor to suddenly go to full health when on his mount.
  • Griklor the Restless (Mission) - Griklor will stop getting on his mount once below 30% health. This should fix the issue that could cause him to get stuck on his mount and more closely matches the raid event.

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Fixed an issue with raid groups disbanding randomly.

- The EverQuest Team


Nbr post: 11220
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Posted: 2/18/20 7:31 PM

Thanks for the notice guys, I somehow missed the alert I have in place to detect game patches.. Already working on it.