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Posted: 7/27/22, 5:30 AM

EverQuest has been patched on July 20, 2022.
The Patch Notes is available in our forum.

Magelo Sync has been patched

We have granted 5 extra days to all our premium users to compensate for the extra downtime, thanks everyone for your patience.

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Posted: 7/28/22, 7:31 AM

Magelo Sync has just been patched, observed loots are disabled for now, it needs a little bit more work.
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Posted: 7/30/22, 7:40 PM

Error occurred while synching....2 days running now...is it just on my end or anyone else having this issue??
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Posted: 7/31/22, 12:05 AM

An error occured when synchronizing the characters:
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Posted: 7/31/22, 2:13 AM

same here~

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Posted: 7/31/22, 3:40 AM

Issue has been fixed !
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Posted: 8/1/22, 9:43 AM

My timing must be the worst. The applicating has not worked for my since my return after several years. My old characters are still listed on the site with the old information, no updates..., but my new characters are not available at all. My characters are not detected on the application when launched.

Edit - ..and now it works after posting

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Posted: 8/3/22, 11:33 AM

We have yet another game patch today, both "scheduled" and "unplanned" are being used, since we had about 19 hours of warning when they announced it yesterday.

Either way, please be patient for Jelan to get Magelo back up.

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