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Here's a sneak peek at the Game Update Notes for Thursday: Please note that these notes may change prior to the Game Update being released live.

      • Highlights ***
  • Hot Zones: New Hot Zones have been created! Be on the lookout for new items and content in the following zones:

Level 20 North/South Ro
Level 25 Solusek's Eye
Level 30 Blightfire Moors
Level 35 Stone Hive
Level 40 Dulak's Harbor
Level 45 Skyshrine
Level 50 Akheva Ruins
Level 55 Crypt of Nadox
Level 60 Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Level 65 Torden, Bastion of Thunder
Level 70 Ruins of Illsalin
  • The 9th Anniversary is approaching. The Fabled Planes of Power will be active starting March 16th!
  • Fan Faire Requests: At the 2007 Fan Faire, attendees got a chance to discuss their suggestions directly with the development teams. After the launch of Secrets of Faydwer, the EQ team started working on the list of suggestions and feedback they were given. Below are two of the most recent changes based on that feedback:
  • Guild Bank items and deposits now sort after the contents have been changed.
  • The Adventure window now includes the ability to sort entries by the properties of each adventure entry.

      • Items ***
  • Added recommended levels to some SoF bracers that did not have them before.
  • Changed the additive in Monster Summoning IV spell research recipe to Ink Additive of the Nameless.
  • Ranthock Roots now have the tradeskill flag.

      • Spells ***
  • Corrected all instances of Fear Spells that were bypassing the Fear Immunity granted by the Fearless AA.

      • NPC ***
  • Mercia has set up shop in the Plane of Knowledge to sell some of the odd jewelry supplies.
  • Added Thraynis, Vetiver Root, and Sea spirit to the alchemy merchants that carry the larger sized herbs.

      • Tradekills ***
  • Cultural Charms made with pottery now require only one rare component. More information can be found in the scrolls. Additionally you can learn the new recipes by scribing the scroll, or just experiment as usual.
  • Reduced the casting time of the bag summoning for the final stage of the tradeskill trophies.
  • Fixed omissions in systematic spell research books where peridot was added to some recipes, but the books did not include the changes.
  • Alchemist will want to look for a note from an alchemist that has made a few discoveries about potions.
  • Made contraption parts tradeable.
  • Added Intricate Claviger Sleeves to the Intricate Human Cultural Smithing book.
  • Added tribute to cultural charms.
  • Tools to alter steam cores and gyro cores have been created by the Ak'Anon Strike gnomes. If you prove yourself worthy they will sell them too you.
  • Added Class XIX Augmentation Distiller, Class XX Augmentation Distiller and Class XXI Augmentation Distiller to the appropriate bazaar and guildhall merchants.
  • Augmentation distillers can now be traded between players and sold back to NPC vendors for a small loss.

      • AA ***
  • Several AAs that provided timer reductions to other AAs have had their requirements fixed. The changed AAs include: Hastened Ligament Slice, Hastened Cacophony, Hastened Funeral Dirge.

These AAs will now require you to purchase the first rank of the ability they focus before you can purchase these AAs.

      • Zones ***
  • Additional Augments have been added to all parts of Crystallos.
  • Old Man Thorren on the Beta server is now able to take tokens from multiple characters on the same account. If you used multiple characters to turn in tokens, simply ask Thorren to [combine] your tokens. He'll keep track of how many tokens are on your character and ask you to log in other characters on the same account that have also turned in tokens. You can repeat this as many times as needed to accumulate enough tokens total to earn a beta reward for your account.

      • UI ***
  • Changed -


      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Added default height sizes to many of the illusions in the game. This should cause illusions of creatures that are typically non-human heights to grow or shrink the user as appropriate when they change into that illusion.

      • Previously Updated ***
  • Slightly lowered the damage done by the four Squires of Crystallos.

  • The EverQuest Team