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Here's a sneak peek at Thursday's Game Update Notes. Please note that these notes are subject to change before the update goes live.

      • Highlights ***

Happy 9th Anniversary EverQuest! The anniversary activities will begin on March 16, 2008.
  • The Fabled: The gods and servants of the Planes of Power have been deemed Fabled and have had their power increased and treasures updated. In addition, all of the past Fabled will be will be making a return appearance this Fabled season.
  • Scavenger Hunt: A new anniversary scavenger hunt is also available for adventurers. Speak with Garin Tvalish in Plane of Tranquility if you are interested in participating in a world search.

      • Items ***
  • Crystallos weapon augments now fit into socket 4/8 instead of 7/8.
  • The "Absent Absinthe" quest in Hills of Shade now requires components that have been influenced by the Hills of Shade. (The item names have changed.)
  • Added eight new evolving weapons on some of the SoF faction vendors for players with maximum faction.

      • Quests & Events ***
  • Fixed an issue with the quests given by Tenish in Crescent Reach. He will now require you to be level 71 for his tasks instead of level 75.

      • Spells ***
  • In order to resolve a stacking issue with the second rank of the Tumble AA the AC component has been replaced with a Melee Guard effect

      • Tradekills ***
  • Zumzal in Grobb now carries Blessed Water of Innoruuk

      • Zones ***
  • Removed the recently imposed restriction on teleporting to campfires and banners in certain instances.
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of many rare NPCs in Mechanotus, Mansion, Steamfactory, Dragonscale, Loping Plains, Bloodmoon and Crystallos.

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Corrected the default size of the Pyrilen and Gelidran illusions.

      • Previously Updated ***
  • Prime Researcher Elnot will now be able to assist you in finding your next progression task for The Buried Sea missions for entrance to Solteris.
  • Servants summoned by Haezvair will no longer attack him.

  • The EverQuest Team