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Greym Greymantle
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Posted: 3/19/08 6:29 PM

Greeting's i recently changed guilds. When i run the updater it is not picking up mynew guild name. I notice the guild has a flag stating it is not accepting new members. Is that the block? If so how do i get it turned back to accepting new members by an officer.

I also have an alt with officer status in another guild. So would like to know for my own use. Thanks.

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Posted: 3/23/08 6:55 PM

I think you need to unguild yourself first under the Identity Card menu. Then try to run the updater again and see if it inputs your new guild name.

Moklianne -Magelo

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Posted: 3/25/08 5:11 AM

There is definitely a bug as it should detect your new guild as soon as Magelo Update detects your character... moklianne workaround should work though.