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Posted: 3/27/08 6:46 AM

hey all im having an issue in magelo update where the icon that says bound or not bound is greyed out and says its waiting for info from the server. So my profile isnt updating though it seems to synch fine. any ideas?
Acidfeir xev
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Posted: 3/27/08 7:07 AM

I'm experiencing the same problem, have been for atleast the last 24 hours since i've tired to update my character.
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Posted: 3/27/08 11:43 AM

Same here. None of my characters are selectable. If I click the synch option it says no characters are selected, but there is no checkbox to select them.


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Posted: 3/27/08 1:51 PM

This issue is fixed now and Magelo Update should fully work as expected, thanks everyone for your patience in this matter !