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Posted: 3/28/08 1:21 PM

At home, I cannot manage my equipment for my characters; however, at work, I don't have any issues.

Home - Windows Vista
Work - Windows XP Professional

Under the manage character section, I can access all of the other tabs, but under the equipment tag, when I click (at home) on "Main" nothing happens. Some sort of java error appears in the lower left status bar, but that didn't lead anywhere.

I am guessing it is some sort of Vista and/or Java issue. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted: 3/31/08 2:07 AM

Can't be a Java error. The web pages you're seeing contain Javascript, not Java. Two very different languages. Nor is it Vista-related or there'd be quite a few similar posts like yours from Vista users. It's far more likely a browser problem. Maybe you tried loading that page once but, for whatever reason, it didn't completely download, and therefore a partial copy was saved to the browser cache. When you visit the page again with the same browser (hint: try a different browser) it tries to avoid downloading the page again. It sees it in its cache and simply loads that (broken one) into memory, thus the error. To remedy the situation simply force the browser to reload that page from the web site, ignoring cache. Browsers vary in how to accomplish this. In firefox you hold the Shift key down while clicking the 'Reload current page' button. This is called Refreshing a page.

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