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Posted: 6/8/08 12:06 PM

I give it the 2 weeks remaining on my premium subscriptions.

When that expires I will not be renewing. I haven''t sync'd my characters in a while because every time I get around to doing it, it doesn't work. I don't think I'm asking too much.

I want to sync from any client running on my machine (not just the first one), and want the sync to actually work when it says it does, and I want the sync client updated more reliably after a patch.

I wish you the best with this whole WoW thing but my premium subscription expires June 21 and I'll not be back after that if I don't have these things.

Roanne LeFaye
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Posted: 6/8/08 8:04 PM

Just adding my voice to those wishing to be able to sync more than 1 char at a time. Maybe if the devs could explain why they took it out, that would help us understand. Thanks!

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Posted: 6/8/08 8:51 PM

Not being able to synch 2 instances running on the same computer, and heroic stats not being displayed properly is a big issue for me. I probably won't renew my subscription next time it comes up unless these problems are fixed. Thank you.
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Posted: 6/9/08 1:00 AM

I run 3 accounts on my main machine. Very troublesome to update all characters.
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Posted: 6/9/08 9:11 AM

Adding my voice to this. I two-box all the time. Fiddling around switching toons and accouts is just a pain. Will be moving to three boxing soon, so it'll just get worse.

PLEASE bring multi-box synchronisation back.
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Posted: 6/9/08 2:28 PM

I use WinEQ2 as well, and I want to be able to sync multiple characters too. If it is a choice between using the new interface or the old interface, give me back the old one please. I thought it was a bug until I saw this thread.

p.s. I sync'ed one of my toons last night after logging out two of my boxes so the new interface would find him. It still does not him updated in the database.
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Posted: 6/9/08 3:18 PM

I three box almost continuously and the multisync was absolutely necessary. I don't need to do 1 account at a time I need to do all of them all of the time.

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Posted: 6/9/08 4:31 PM

thank you for putting this back in.

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Posted: 6/9/08 5:16 PM

from Jelan:

Oky guys, I promised an updated very soon and here we go, we just patched Magelo Sync and Everquest game module:

- Multi boxing and offline characters :

Magelo Sync can now handle multi instances of EQ on the same computer as well as offline characters.

- Automatic character data export :

Magelo Sync can now automatically export your character data to your specified folder

- Bug fixes :

  • Magelo Sync was taking one core/cpu in some cases
  • Upon sync, the identity card of your character would not be updated

As always, just let us know your comments, this update is only the beginning of new or updating features to come ! Btw, I noticed someone had an issue with Java under Vista, we are all working under vista and I can assure you it works just fine, make sure your java JRE 6 is properly installed and it should work. If the problem persists, please create a topic in the bug forum and we will help you further !

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Posted: 6/10/08 11:13 AM

If only it were true.

"Magelo Sync can now automatically export your character data to your specified folder "

I can't get it to save to my specified folder.

Kilundrum Whiteforge

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Posted: 6/11/08 2:01 PM

Hi Kilundrum,

You should be able to custom the destination folder by:
  • Opening the settings window
  • Clicking on the default path for export
  • Choosing your new path
  • Making sure you checkboxed the auto export

If you did all the above and it still does not work, please let us know if the bug forum !
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Posted: 6/16/08 9:48 PM

Want to add my thank you to the Magelo team for reinstating the offline and multi-character, multi-instance syncing to the Magelo Sync program. I really appreciate the updates, and am impressed that the team responded quickly to the users.

Thank you for the changes. My toons are all happy now.
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Posted: 8/11/08 5:36 PM

i see some people complaining about the accuracy of magelo, which is for most , a free service, that is generally very good at what it does. Yes i've noticed inaccuracies on occasion, but realistically for those who love the comparison stuff like EQ rankings, you have to realise that the same defaults that affect you, affect everyone else, for a 'free system' its damn good , just my 2cpworth