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Posted: 6/16/08 12:40 PM

Is there any way to search for npc who drop cash, limiting by level or level range?
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Posted: 6/22/08 4:27 AM

Just about any humanoid npc will drop coin.
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Posted: 8/11/08 5:30 PM

a lot of mobs will drop coin , and a lot more won't , if you really need to find coin as opposed to items to sell ,non undead NPCs are a good bet, and the higher the level the better, if you want an easy ride with little chance of death once over 65, kill ice giants , but it does get boring, if you want stuff to sell , get level 75 plus and head to the gem dropping zones,but none of these are as good as finding some droppable or attuneable loot that has a good price in baz 8)