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Here's a sneak peek at Wednesday's Game Update Notes:

      • Highlights ***

The Haunting of Norrath continues until Novemeber 7th.

October 31st marks All Hallows' Eve, the night when spirits rise at night and the begging for treats is deemed appropriate. Whether you celebrate this spooky holiday or not, it is the perfect excuse for dressing up in strange clothing, telling scary stories, decorating your house, bobbing for apples, and eating lots and lots of yummy candy.

Here are the Halloween Activities you can participate for EverQuest this season!
      • Items ***
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing many players from redeeming their SoD claimable bonus items. All claimable items should now be available upon logging in a character.
  • Altered the merchant value of the unfired and sealed Energeian Orbs.
  • The Geerlok Automated Quill can now be used by all classes.
  • Fixed the compartmented jewelry to properly give the stats to the gems inserted into each slot.
  • Seal of Captured Fire, Seal of Captured Ice, Seal of Captured Earth, Seal of Captured Air and Seal of Prismatic Power are now slot 12 augments as intended.
  • Corrected a spell description error with the Ornate Gnoll Hide Lariat. The proc had been labeled incorrectly as a DoT.
      • Spells ***
  • Spells purchased from the Void are no longer tradable.
  • Several enhancements to spell lines have been retroactively applied to Secrets of Faydwer spells.
  • - Global spell recast timers for these lines have been reduced from 2.25 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • - Druid heals, Shaman heals, and Paladin group heal yield and efficiency have been increased.
  • - Many DoT spells have had their cast time reduced and some had a recast time increased.
  • - Many DD spells have had their cast time reduced and their recast time increased.
  • - Some regeneration effects (Hit points and Mana) were increased.

      • NPCs ***
  • Fixed a requirements issue with type 3 augments.
  • Changed the power of several rare NPCs in SoD to properly match the intended difficulty for each rare.
  • Added Brimstone Coal and Faysilk Filament to the appropriate merchants throughout the world of Norrath.
  • Flavin Deeppockets is loafing about in the Guild Lobby ready to hold on to your Seeds of Destruction component items... for a small fee.
  • Added Balanced Axe Components to the Veteran Reward merchant.
  • Fixed some rare NPCs in Toskirakk that were spawning far too often.
  • Fixed some rare NPCs in Kuua and the Korascian Warrens that were not spawning often enough.
  • Corrected a faction issue that was causing some rares to be killed if they spawned in the wrong spot.

      • Quest & Events ***
  • The quest "Rain of Ruin" should be worded a bit more clearly now.
  • Requesting the Bloody Kithicor raid will now result in the proper instance.

      • Tribute ***
  • The personal benefit Aura of Clarity Tier 7 now costs the appropriate 86pp.

      • Tradeskills ***
  • The Research Trophies and Ethereal Quill can now be equipped by all classes.
  • Fixed an error in the book "The Drink of Timeless Energy."
  • Made a minor change to the text in the book "Clockwork Protection Volume I."
  • Changed the recipe for Vow of Valor Rk. II to use inks of Pain, Tunare, and Zek rather than two Inks of Pain.
  • Changed the recipe for Moonshadow to use mitigating thickener instead of talisman thickener.
  • Burning Aura now uses Invigorating Thickener.
  • Aura of Life now uses Ink of Tunare as well as Ink of Bertoxxulous.
  • Added the level 69 DoD spells and the TSS Magician item summoning spells to research.
  • Fixed some errors in the note “Spiced Wind Willow Acorn Recipe.”

      • Zones ***
  • Increased the Zone Experience Modifier of most SoD zones.
  • Fixed a few zone stability issues.
  • Fixed a pathing bug in West Karana that was causing scarecrows to be far too scarce.
    • AA ***
  • Corrected an AA timer conflict with Phantasmal Opponent (Enchanter) and Companion’s Blessing AAs.
  • Corrected an AA timer conflict with the AA Teleport Bind (Druid) and Call of the Wild (Druid).
  • Adjusted several activated AAs to resolve stacking conflicts.

      • Mercenaries ***
  • Mercenaries should no longer break mez when using their AE offensive abilities.
  • Mercenaries are now allowed in Qeynos Catacombs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused healer mercenaries to react incorrectly if a familiar they were buffing was summoned.
  • Casting a spell on a mercenary will now give a downtime timer. This is based on the difficulty of the most difficult NPC on the mercenary is engaged with. Spells cast on the mercenary when not in combat should not generate a downtime timer.
  • NPCs fighting a mercenary should now correctly call for help from their friends.
  • Damage from mercenaries is, like pet damage, no longer considered as "NPC damage" for purposes of calculating if an NPC did more damage than PC groups - They will no longer steal credit for your kill!

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • A dead player's corpse will no longer steal the credit for a kill due to DoT spells of the player in hover mode.

      • UI ***
  • Clicking on the Bloodfields and Commonlands on the Atlas while on the "The Void" map should now bring up the correct zone maps.
  • Highpass Hold should now be listed correctly on the Atlas.
  • While in windowed mode, changing to another application (clicking or alt-tabbing) should no longer cause the target to clear or change.
  • Fixed an issue with toggling between the last two targets.
  • Escaping the loot window while looting should no longer cause the client to crash.
  • Clicking an empty spell gem slot should no longer cause the client to crash.
  • Fixed issue with not selecting the correct target when clicking on the group gauges.

  • Changed -


      • Previously Hotfixed ***
  • Corrected an issue where base population in Field of Scale was not respawning.
  • Merchant Woad now carries the four new Energeian sketches.
  • Added Brimstone Coal and Faysilk Filament to the appropriate merchants in Plane of Knowledge.
  • The Queen Malarion raid should now properly apply its success bit and when completed.
  • Corrected a faction issue with Rongol and Anderia that was preventing some races from getting their quests.

- The EverQuest Team

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Erm, dont know if anyone else has noticed yet but they have done something to our base hps and mana pools too. I have at least 2k more hps unbuffed than before.