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Here's a sneak peek at Wednesday's Game Update notes. These notes are subject to change before the update is completed.
      • Highlights ***
  • Detached the "looking for guild" from the guild lobby. You can now access the looking for guild window in any zone through the slash command "/lfguild" or from the EQ menu. The command /lfg still defaults to Looking For Group.

      • Items ***
  • Updated weapons and items from Old Man McKenzie's missions to use new spell effects in order to ensure they interact correctly with Twinproc. Most procs were increased in power if they had to be changed significantly, though some items now have lower damage with a higher proc modifier.
  • The level limit on the stun effects for all ranks of Stunning Blow and Stunning Strike have been increased by 5.
  • Increased the effectiveness of Blessed Rune procs.
  • Corrected the melee procs on the Incandescent Scepter of the Arcanist item to be Strike of Flames rather than Strike of Fire.
  • The duration of all tiers of the Prismatic Ward item click spell have been increased.
  • Moved the Circle of the Stoic effect to the short buff window.
  • Palladium Wristguard of the Enlightened Anima now has the correct flying kick skill damage mod.
  • Sympathetic spell procs have been added to caster daggers from Underfoot.

      • Tradeskills ***
  • Corrected the bug introduced on the Blessed and Sacred Healing Force of Brell spells. They should now heal your group and return mana to the caster once.
  • Altered Blessed and Sacred Chromatic strike to give some mana, and increase the damage of the next damage spell cast within 6 to 12 seconds. If a damage spell is not cast in that time, additional mana will be returned.
  • The Blessed and Sacred Serilis Prayer Shawls now have a new click effect.

      • Quests & Events ***
  • The Boomerang Brawl now requires a players to be a minimum of level 60 to participate.
  • Corrected an issue where a greken spawn could disappear behind a locked door in the Convorteum mission "The First Corruption."
  • The task "Searching for a Cure" is no longer a shared task. The way the rock piles spawn and distribute the quest items has been changed to make it easier for a group playing together to complete their individual tasks.
  • Kill the Hatchlings and Fire in the Hole now have six hour timers on them to match the time limit their mission zones already possessed.
  • Players who have failed a combine step on the quest "Will it Live" but managed to recover the clay can now get more vials of purest water if they ask Chamberlain Thoridain to [replace] parts.
  • Beneficial fire-based spells will no longer cause the elemental to emit a steam explosion in the Brell's Temple elemental trial.
  • Beneficial ice-based spells will no longer allow the elemental to regenerate in the Brell's Temple elemental trial.
  • The Hive Queen - Reduced the AE radius of the Queen's Chitin Shards ability.
  • Trial of Creation - All NPCs have had their damage output reduced.
  • Trial of Creation - Reduced the HP of the Insubstantial Force.
  • Trial of Destruction - All NPCs have had their damage output reduced.
  • A Cunning Plan - Reduced the HP on most NPCs.
  • A Cunning Plan - The damage output of Minions, Keyholders, and Minders has been significantly reduced.
  • Death Beetle - You can now combine the Crystalline Water with Mushroom Spores to create the Fungal Antidote needed for the raid.
  • Death Beetle - Reduced the cast time of Fungal Antidote to 1.5 seconds.
  • Death Beetle - Lowered the damage output and maximum hit points for the various mushrooms.
  • Death Beetle - Reduced the mana and endurance drains and shortened the stun on Spore Drain.
  • Death Beetle - Lowered the stun duration on Spore Pollution.
  • Death Beetle - Increased the minimum time Spore Infection requires to spread to other players.
  • Death Beetle - The Leafrot spell has been reduced in damage and in the number of disease counters applied.
  • Fridleif, Master Warcraft - Corrected an issue where reanimated Krithgor Soldiers were not behaving correctly.
  • Lorekeeper Bentolf - Corrected an issue causing him to fail to spawn his adds properly.

      • Spells ***
  • Removed the hard-coded cap of five targets on targeted AoE spells (if they have a higher target cap specified).
  • Bard - Venimor's Insult now has a recast time of six seconds.
  • Cleric - Glorious Denunciation has had its mana cost reduced.
  • Magician - The spell Quiver of Marr now summons full stacks of arrows.
  • Paladin - Tripled the damage cap on Honorific Mantle.
  • Ranger - Flusterbolt should now work more reliably on all intended level targets. It will now wipe its target's memory when the root effect wears off.
  • Shadowknight - Tripled the damage cap on Malarian Mantle.
  • Shadowknight - Dire Implication is now a normal lifetap with a recast time of 24 seconds.
  • Wizard - Lowered Malediction of Havoc's casting time to match the casting time of the Rank II and Rank III versions.
  • Wizard - Corrected an issue preventing some of Malediction of Havoc's benefits from firing correctly.
  • Wizard - Increased the range of Malediction of Havoc Rk. I and Rk. II to 200.
  • Wizard and Enchanter animations will no longer leave summoned weapons on their corpses.
  • Fixed grammar errors in several PC spells.

      • NPC ***
  • Pets will no longer attempt to harm Tylis Newleaf or Thelin Poxbourne when their owners are teleported.
  • Made the "Easy" NPCs within Fungal Forest easier.

      • AA ***
  • Bard - Fixed a bug with Extended Ingenuity Rank 5 that was allowing it to function (incorrectly) on Bard songs.
  • Cleric - Renamed Quickened Renewal to Hastened Renewal to reflect the actual function of the AA.
  • Enchanter - Corrected an issue with the First Spire of the Enchantment that was preventing it from increasing proc rates.
  • Shadowknight - Fixed a bug with Death's Effigy that was preventing it from clearing hate as intended.
  • Berserker - Fixed a bug with Two Hands, No Mercy that was preventing it from working on piercing weapons.
  • Paladin - Inquisitor's Judgment should now incur less anger from your enemies.
  • Rogue - The Dirty Fighting ability is now more effective at reducing an enemy’s accuracy at higher ranks.
  • Ranger - Harmonious Arrow should no longer 'doom' a final hit of damage that was causing it to aggro unintended enemies.
  • Ranger - Harmonious Arrow should no longer overwrite other pacify effects.
  • Warrior - Enhanced Area Taunt should no longer summon any throwing daggers.

      • Achievements ***
  • Corrected an issue where certain parts of the Underfoot Go-Getter achievement would not update when the corresponding Conquest achievement was completed.

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Banner volumes have been created for Brell's Temple and Convorteum. You will now only be able to teleport to guild banners placed in certain locations within these raid instances. Banners can still be placed for buffs in all areas of the zones.
  • Corrected an issue where mercenaries would not accept Bayle Marks as payment if you only had one Mark available.
  • Corrected an issue where mercenaries would display incorrect purchase and upgrade costs if a player shrouded or unshrouded.
  • Detached the "looking for guild" from the guild lobby. You can now access the looking for guild window in any zone through the slash command "/lfguild" or from the EQ menu. The command /lfg still defaults to Looking For Group.

      • Previously Updated ***
  • Fippy the Destroyer - Fixed an issue where sometimes Fippy’s HP could reset at the start of Phase 2.
  • The Unburrowing - Altered to lessen difficulty in the final fight with the boss.

- The EverQuest Team