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Posted: 7/14/10 1:50 PM

      • Highlights ***

Resurrection and Revival Sickness will no longer trigger OOC timers on their own. They will still have their normal detrimental effects on resurrected or revived players, however.

There is a new 3D preview window available for seeing what items will look like on your character. See the UI notes below for details.
      • Items ***

Increased the HP, mana, and proc on the Unholy Deepwater Maul to bring in line with other weapons in the same tier.

The "Which Came First" item can be activated more quickly than it could before. It still needs to rest between uses.

Items from Convorteum raids will focus spells up to level 90.

The tank versions of the Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl and Sacred Serilis Prayer Shawl will now be able to receive Efficacy of Brell focus effect. To receive the focus, you must exchange your shawl with Chamberlain Thoridain.
      • Tradeskills ***

Fixed an inconsistency in the required levels for Underfoot's raid dropped seals.

Visited the farm where superfluous letters play all day long and brought back an "L" to add to "Ralos' Ink Additive." Rallos (and everyone around him) is now much happier with the name.

Fixed an inconsistency with tradeskilled weapon ornamentations. Scribing the appropriate sketchbook is no longer required for you to craft Black Acrylia or Ceramic molds.

Those proficient in archery may want to see what the Useful Automated Vendor has to offer in the way of quiver crafting.
      • Quests & Events ***

Fixed issues with Hot Zone tasks in Broodlands, Elddar Forest, and Old Blackburrow.

Removed two NPCs in The First Corruption mission that would attack characters still zoning in.

Fixed an issue where the Clockwork Magma Meter MCMXCIX would lose track of what it was supposed to do when it reached its destination if its owner had died previously.

Cliknar Queen Removed the knockback from the Chitin Shards spell.

Unburrowning the Sandbound spell is now a root as intended.

Trial of Creation Brell will no longer be impressed with crafted items that were not created with items harvested during that attempt.

Made some changes to the Contagious Pustules spell. It should now be less dangerous outside of the Magus Sisters raid it appears in.
      • Spells ***

Resurrection and Revival Sickness will no longer trigger OOC timers on their own. They will still have their normal detrimental effects on resurrected or revived players, however.

Corrected the right click memorization category for Second/Third/Fourth wind so it matches the new timer.


Decreased the cast time and increased the recast time on all ranks of Salve of Reshan.

Increased the heal amount of all ranks of Salve of Reshan.

Increased the HP granted by all ranks of Focus of Yemall.

Increased the duration of the Unrivaled Rapidity haste recourse to match the duration of the base buff.

Increased the duration of Spirit of Vaxztn to 60 minutes.

Friendly Pet's healing procs will now affect the pet's target's target rather than the pet only.

Moved the proc on Friendly Pet to slot 8 to avoid interference with other pet buffs.


Axe of Rallos has been converted to a single target melee range ability and has had its endurance cost lowered significantly.

The damage portion of Axe of Rallos has been reduced in number but had the target race requirements removed. All damage strikes can now hit any race or class.

Altered the resist types and modifiers on all Axe of Rallos components so they are more consistent.

Doubled the limit use counters available on Axe of Rallos Dread Effect.

Axe of Rallos' stun component will generate a lower amount of hate.


Added a resist modifier to the Blast of Sporali Venom spells cast via Blast of Hypergrowth.


Lowered the cast time of Rune of Yozan.


Moved magic rain spells to their own timer, allowing them to be cast alternately with fire rain spells.


Raised the base healing amount of Devout Cleansing.

Added a hate override for Splash of Sanctification so it will no longer generate as much hate in raid situations.

Increased the number of curse counters removed by Splash of Sanctification.


Corrected a percentage modifier on Storm of Arrows Rk. III that was too low.


Altered the spell icon and particles for Curse of Frailty to reflect its nature as a debuff.


Corrected an issue that prevented Funnel of Frigidity Rk. II from being cast while in combat.
      • NPC ***

Corrected an issue allowing some goos in Cooling Chamber to spawn under the world.
The Mistress of Pain's minions should be easier to dispatch now.
      • AA ***


Renamed Identity Crisis to Lyrical Prankster due to it being more... Bard-y.


Adjusted Pact of the Wurine to resolve some stacking issues with the Enchanter 2nd Spire and some Geomantra clickies.
      • Mercenaries ***

Base HP and AC of mercenaries have been evaluated, all DPS mercenaries have been increased, while healer and tank mercenaries are only increased at the high end. Mercenaries are still weaker than the classes they resemble.

Melee Damage and Damage Caster mercenaries generate less hate.

Melee Damage mercenaries can accept speed and attack buffs.

Damage Caster mercenaries have a new Burn AE stance which allows them to cast AE spells.
      • Achievements ***

Corrected issues with the achievement Slaughter is as Slaughter Does and raised the time allowance to 90 minutes.
      • Marketplace ***

Re-arranged the Marketplace UI for better navigation.

Added ability to see Marketplace items in icon or list view.

Added ability to sort Marketplace items.

Added ability to see item stats for Marketplace items.

Added ability to bring up Marketplace items in the 3d Preview window.

Added ability to search for an item by name.
      • Welcome Screen ***

Re-arranged the Welcome Screen for better navigation.

Added an uncompleted achievements section.

Added an events calendar.
      • Miscellaneous ***

Fixed an issue causing the "auto-hater" state in the extended targeting window to not be saved properly.

Fixed an issue that could cause players with specific video cards to crash if they had several reward sets queued.

Fixed an issue where the game client was not being removed from sneak/hide state when it was broken via spell casting.

Fixed several issues where skills were available to characters at incorrect levels.

The Plane of Knowledge book in Blightfire Moors has moved much closer to Crescent Reach.
      • UI ***

Added a new 3D preview window. Items with visible appearance or visible effects may now be previewed by alt-right-clicking on the item or on the item's icon in the item window. Use the scroll wheel and the right mouse button when over the window to change the window's viewpoint.

Fixed an issue with the spell list while scribing spells using the right click menu.

Fixed an issue causing the spent AA total to display improperly.

Added background drawing options for window draw templates. Backgrounds can now be drawn (Tiled(default) = 0, Normally = 1, Stretched = 2, Centered = 3, Centered Vertically = 4, and Centered Horizontally = 5).

Fixed an issue with scroll bars not properly appearing in combo boxes.
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Changed Files







      • Previously Updated ***

Made some changes to the Cliknar Queen Raid. Adds will no longer spawn while she is not in the room. Removed the Unstable Pabulum.

Unstable Creation Corrected a timer issue that was causing the Unstable Creation to activate itself early.

Magus Sisters The chests from this raid have moved further away from the center, close to the passage that leads to the top floor of the temple. This should prevent them from being noticed by the First Creation if you trigger his event but fail to kill him or flee.

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