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Posted: 3/4/11, 11:41 AM

Between my wife and myself we have 5 active accounts, so I paid for the extra game slots to allow syncing all our characters.

I just noticed though that there are characters from a couple of other accounts (not ours) that somehow got synced, taking up additional account slots I paid for. These characters probably were loaded on my machine at some point, and then I just did not notice they were in magelo memory when I said to sync all characters at some later time. One of the hazards of keeping things running 24/7 for weeks at a time and having lots of characters, I guess.

I suppose I can live with it.. I still have enough slots.

But i was wondering if there is any way to remove these accidental inclusions?

What will happen if those folks happen to open (or already have) magelo accounts? Would you wind up with two copies of the same character on magelo?

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