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Posted: 6/14/11 7:08 AM

I am sure this must have been brought up before - but I cant see it.

Is there any way we can get this added to items somewhere? Would be great to be able to wizz through my inventory and see this.



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Posted: 6/16/11 6:50 AM

Hello sparrowhawk,
Thanks for the suggestion
We need to take a look, this might be possible to add Tributes values on items.
We investigate and get back to you!

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Posted: 1/9/12 3:03 AM

This would be a awesome new option and I believe that showing the tribute value of items would be more then enough of a reason for more people to constantly check out your site and items database to check out the tribute value along with the average vendor cost/buy price on items.

Have you guys gotten a chance to look into this suggestion?

-CaRnon the Cleric

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Posted: 1/27/12 8:45 AM

Let me get back to you on this one, gonna look into this asap !

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Posted: 7/21/21 5:10 AM

Better late than never...