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Just on time for the holidays, the Magelo second newsletter has plenty of gifts for you in its hood! Start to enjoy our special promotion, discover a brand new Tradeskill section or even try the new Web Bar! We wish you a wonderful end of the year and all you may wish for the next one!
To celebrate this end of the year, our holiday special offer is back! Subscribe now for 1 year Premium and get 3 extra months free! This offer lasts until 15 January 2011 so you have plenty of time to enjoy it before it runs out.

Get into the spirit of the season with some Christmas decorations on your characters! A few new background images have been added to keep things fresh so check the Customize section and edit your profile, signature or avatar to try them!

Finally, as a little extra holiday gift, we created especially for you a desktop wallpaper. It’s available in different sizes, so just pick the one that fits your screen resolution!

The very same Tooltips you see on Magelo as well as the Web Bar can easily be integrated into your own site or blog to let your visitors enjoy the best of Magelo. Non intrusive and customizable, you can just make it yours and boost your site!

  • The tooltip system allows anyone to see detailed tooltips on any database link added in your website (item, spell, npc,...) including best item source, NPC location on mini-map and other relevant information.
  • The Web Bar will appear at the bottom of your website. Any visitor can use the instant quick search on the Magelo game database that displays detailed tooltips or select one of their characters to view contextualized tooltips. The Web Bar is also fully customizable and offers some shortcuts to Magelo main tools (news, inventory, characters management).

Equip your website with the Magelo Web Bar and Tooltips now!
Like a cookbook, you can check out all recipes per Tradeskill in a brand new page added in the Database section of the site. It shows the reagents, tool required and level at which the recipe becomes trivial. More details about a produced item can be also visible in a tooltip or directly in the recipe page itself.

Recipe samples:
Extravagant Daybreaker Cuirass
Scorpion's Agony XVI
Instead of simply refreshing the latest announcement for news on the website, now you get updates on Twitter or Facebook! We will sneak in some information on the progress of our various ongoing projects, so follow us on Twitter or become a Magelo friend on Facebook!
More Related information
Whenever you check a specific item, zone or NPC, you can see additional tabs with detailed related information. For an item for example, you will see what creature drops it, how it can be crafted, which NPCs sell it and which recipe use it as reagent. Sample: Sprig of Yellow Rheum.

New Facet system - Quickly filter the information per categories
In the Spell pages for example, you can narrow the list of spells down to see only ‘Damage over time’ spells, and further sort out the results to see which of those deal Fire-based damage.

More points of interest on Zone maps
The location of teleporters, banks, merchants, connections to other zones and safe points for any specific zone are now displayed on the map. Visit The Bazaar for example.

New NPC and Zone tooltips
Whenever you mouseover a NPC or a zone link, you get now a tooltip with vital information such as the map location for NPCs or a map with highlighted areas of interest.

Enjoy your holidays and see you soon on Magelo
The Magelo team