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Spell : Use Ability

Use Ability

Target: Self
Range: 10.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant, Recast: 12s
Restriction: Out of Combat

Uses the ability.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Activated Counteragent ALL
Airbound Skystone NONE
Airship Safety Suppression Device ALL
Alchemist's Torch ALL
Animated Solution NONE
a Sol Ro dark smoker ALL
a Sol Ro fire lord ALL
Auctus Core ALL
Aviak of Laying ALL
a Zek soldier ALL
Barrel Bones ALL
Barrier Shard NONE
Barrier Shard Crystal NONE
Battle Orb ALL
Bixie Bludgeon ALL
Bixie Fire Blower ALL
Bixie Invention ALL
Bixie Knock-Out Gas ALL
Blessed Rulnavian Sword ALL
Blessed Silver-Tipped Stake ALL
Blue Avenger Essence ALL
Book of Bad Poetry ALL
Box of Chocolate ALL
Brawler's Chain Whip Dual Wield Package ALL
Building Block Package - Red Brick ALL
Building Block Package - Sand Castle ALL
Bundle of the Ancient Gods ALL
Captured Slaver ALL
Charged Golem Shard ALL
Chastity Helmet Set ALL
Chokidai Treat ALL
Cracked Sul Vius Key ALL
Dance of the Macabre ALL
Dance Token ALL
Decaying Pumpkin ALL
Decay Spike ALL
Defender's Shield NONE
Defender's Shield NONE
Dire Tuning Crystal ALL
Dragon's Blood ALL
Dreezil's Dagger ALL
Dwarf Mining Pick ALL
Empty Muck Vial ALL
Enchanted Syldon Bark ALL
Energetic Steel Shard ALL
Energized Steel Shard ALL
Erollisi Day Home Package ALL
Erollisi Day Love Package 1 ALL
Erollisi Day Love Package 2 ALL
Erollisi Day Nimbus Package ALL
Erollisi Day Pet Package ALL
Everlasting Chocolate Bar ALL
Explosive Bugs ALL
Explosive Narikor Barrel ALL
Eye of Nik`ro ALL
Familiar Key Ring Slots (5) ALL
Frozen Key ALL
Giant Burlap Sheet ALL
Gift: Child's Play Santug Claugg's Cudgel Ornament ALL
Glyph of Angry Thoughts ALL
Glyph of Arcane Secrets ALL
Glyph of Arcane Secrets ALL
Glyph of Destruction ALL
Glyph of Destruction ALL
Glyph of Destruction ALL
Glyph of Destruction ALL
Glyph of Dragon Scales ALL
Glyph of Dragon Scales ALL
Glyph of Dragon Scales ALL
Glyph of Dragon Scales ALL
Glyph of Dragon Scales ALL
Glyph of Glowing Experience ALL
Glyph of Stored Experience ALL
Goral Egg ALL
Greater Blue Essence ALL
Greater Green Essence ALL
Greater Red Essence ALL
Greater White Essence ALL
Green Avenger Essence ALL
Ground Popper ALL
Guild Hall Anchor Package DRU WIZ
Hasty Bard ALL
Healing Honey Goo ALL
Healing Ward ALL
Illusion Key Ring Slots (10) ALL
Inactive Counteragent ALL
Indigestible Crystal ALL
Infused Sandstone Siphon NONE
Kaleidoscope ALL
Key of the Relic Keeper NONE
Key to Family Treasure Chest NONE
Legion Repair Kit NONE
Living Flame ALL
Lord of Leaps ALL
Madness of Stomples ALL
Magical Bixie Stone ALL
Magical Pillow ALL
Memorial Ceremony Announcement ALL
Mephit's Flame NONE
Meteorite Mining Pick ALL
Milk Maid ALL
Mind Wipinator ALL
Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul ALL
Murky Potion ALL
Narikor Rock Pick ALL
Necronominon ALL
Nine Rose Dust NONE
Noxious Fish Bile ALL
Observation Matrix ALL
Overseer Collection Item Dispenser Fragment ALL
Packed Picnic Basket ALL
Page of Shroom 'n' Shackles ALL
Painting Package 1 ALL
Painting Package 3 ALL
Painting Package 4 ALL
Pile of Rot ALL
Pizmip's Prize Purveyor ALL
Potion of Companion's Amnesia ALL
Potion of Familiar's Amnesia ALL
Potion of Mercenary Amnesia ALL
Potion of Valorous Battle ALL
Pridewing Whistle NONE
Proclamation of Rebellion ALL
Pulsating Fungal Spores ALL
Quincy's Bloodstone Detector ALL
Quivering Scion ALL
Quivering Scion ALL
Ralla's Recall Gem ALL
Red Avenger Essence ALL
Repellinator ALL
Rodcet's Tear ALL
Rulnavian Library Index ALL
Rulnavian Woodcutter ALL
Satyr Piper ALL
Seismo Scepter ALL
Shard of Healing ALL
Shattering Sunderer ALL
Shrooms of Sights ALL
Sigil of the Darkening Depths ALL
Sigil of the Golden Flame ALL
Sigil of the Hardening Heart ALL
Sigil of the Overlord of Ash ALL
Sigil of the Soaring Heart ALL
Silver-Tipped Stake ALL
Slime Bile Sac NONE
Slimy Key Bit ALL
Sol Ro ash breather ALL
Sol Ro Ash Breather ALL
Sol Ro dark smoker ALL
Sol Ro fire lord ALL
Sol Ro Soother ALL
Sol Ro Soother ALL
Spider Venom Sample ALL
Spirit Shroom ALL
Staff of Angry Dreams ALL
Sticky Drogan Net ALL
Strategic Colossus ALL
Subterranean Rabbit Cage ALL
Surprisingly Aerodynamic Rock ALL
Swarm of Ants ALL
Syldon Cautery ALL
Syldon Spy Log ALL
Tempting Wine Cask ALL
Token of Fanfare ALL
Tower Scout's Grappling Hook ALL
Tracking Bugs ALL
Un-Undead-O-Matic ALL
Vial of Poisoned Tides ALL
Visibility Totem NONE
Vitreous Lens NONE
Volatile Components ALL
Volatile Tumor ALL
Wakey-Wakey Honey Rub ALL
Waterborne Deliriant ALL
Water of Eternity ALL
Weapon Crate of the Mercenary Bundle ALL
White Avenger Essence ALL
Zek Archer ALL
Zek Archer ALL
Zek Bruiser ALL
Zek Bruiser ALL
Zek soldier ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 23998