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Spell : Myrmidon's Skill XI

Myrmidon's Skill XI

Target: Self
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 6s (1 tick)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

You become more aware of your opponent's movements.

Slot 1: Increase Chance to Dodge by 20%

When cast on you You become more aware of your opponent's movements.
When cast on other Someone is more aware.
When it wears off Your awareness returns to normal.

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Ancient Glowing Tabard ALL
Apparition-Skin Pauldrons ALL
Blackened Branches ALL
Blade Deflector Guardbrace ALL
Blood-Chiller Shawl ALL
Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Fallen ALL
Brace of Woven Fire ALL
Bramblethorn Pauldrons ALL
Brigand's Inscribed Shoulders ALL
Buccaneer's Chain Shoulders ALL
Bulthar Fur Mantle ALL
Burden of Dresolik ALL
Burning Drape of Wildfire ALL
Centurio Spaulders ALL
Chanter's Appeal ALL
Charred Spaulders ALL
Corsair's Shoulderpads ALL
Cowl of Dark Providence ALL
Cracked Bone Pauldrons ALL
Dead Man's Pauldrons SHM
Deathmaster's Shawl NEC
Diverting Ensouled Shoulders ALL
Durable Chitin Pauldrons ALL
Durable Miner's Shoulderpads ALL
Durable Pauldrons ALL
Ethershroud Spaulders ROG
Ethersilk Wrap MAG
Fear Shard Pauldrons ALL
Flamelink Mantle ALL
Flayed Iksar Skin Shoulder Pads ALL
Freebooter's Segmented Vambraces ALL
Gem-Encrusted Shoulder Guards ALL
Gem Encrusted Spaulders ALL
Gladiator's Bastion ALL
Hive Grass Pauldrons DRU
Horrorsilk Mantle ALL
Humis Umerium ALL
Ichor-Stained Shoulderpads ALL
Icicle Drape ALL
Innoculated Guardbraces ALL
Lady's Mantilla ALL
Laminated Spaulders SHD
Leatherfoot Mantle ALL
Legatus Pauldrons ALL
Magister Shoulders ALL
Mantle of Chaotic Harmony ALL
Mantle of Morningmist ENC
Mantle of Power ALL
Mantle of the Heart ALL
Mantle of the Sorrowful Spirit ALL
Marauder's Steel Pauldrons ALL
Morbomancer's Mantle ALL
Mordaur's Spiked Pauldrons ALL
Ngreth's Pauldrons of Pain ALL
Otherworldly Pauldrons BRD
Pauldrons of Cazic-Thule's Defender ALL
Pauldrons of Ferocity ALL
Pauldrons of Fury BER
Pauldrons of Power ALL
Pauldrons of Tribulation ALL
Phased Silk Shawl ALL
Plaguemonger's Shoulder Guards ALL
Prime Animist Shoulders BST
Prismatic Dragon Scaled Shroud ALL
Privateer's Reinforced Spaulders ALL
Ragewoven Pauldrons ALL
Rancid Bloodseeking Shoulders ALL
Rigid Binders ALL
Rigid Crimson Shoulders ALL
Scribis Umerium ALL
Serpentis Umerium ALL
Shadewing Mantle ALL
Shadowed Spaulders ALL
Shawl of Apparitions ALL
Shawl of Protection ALL
Shimmering Ethermantle WIZ
Shoulderguard of Grandeur ALL
Shoulderguards of Grandmaster Tynn MNK
Shoulders of Purity CLR
Shoulders of Second Sight RNG
Shroud of the True Believer ALL
Silk-Lined Hood ALL
Silk-Lined Mantle ALL
Singing Spaulders ALL
Skolskin's Sealskin ALL
Smooth Blood Frost ALL
Soulbound Pauldrons WAR
Spaulders of the Righteous PAL
Sticky Spaulder ALL
Stinging Spaulders ALL
Tentacle Covered Epaulets ALL
The People's Burden ALL
Thicket Tinder Pauldrons ALL
Umeria Fortitas ALL
Umeria Lumbius ALL
Umeria Magius ALL
Umeria Memorias ALL
Umeria Noceis ALL
Umeria Vis ALL
Unguisio Umerium ALL
Velium Infused Amice of Adroitness ALL
Velium Infused Amice of Brilliance ALL
Velium Infused Amice of Vigor ALL
Velium Threaded Amice of Adroitness ALL
Velium Threaded Amice of Brilliance ALL
Velium Threaded Amice of Vigor ALL
Victor's Bloody Pauldrons ALL
Vinewood Shoulderpads ALL
Weight of Divinity ALL
Wrap of the Fear Beast ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 33113