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Spell : Beneficial Mana Pres 22 L110

Beneficial Mana Pres 22 L110

Target: Self
Range: 100.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 3h15m (1950 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Slot 1: Decrease Spell Mana Cost by 1% to 22%
Slot 2: Limit Max Level: 110 (lose 5% per level)
Slot 3: Limit Spell: Exclude Complete Heal
Slot 4: Limit Effect: Exclude Percentage Heal
Slot 5: Limit Type: Exclude Procs
Slot 6: Limit Type: Beneficial
Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Chosooth ALL
Etched Broken Skull Ring CLR DRU SHM NEC WIZ MAG ENC
Eye of Cazic-Thule ALL
Hammered Band ALL
Knight's Golden Ring ALL
Minstrel's Golden Ring ALL
Planebender's Ring ALL
Ring of Blaze ALL
Ring of Pureblood ALL
Sage's Golden Ring ALL
Scaled Ring of Emollious ALL
Swirling Ring of Cleansing Steam ALL
Vibrant Vapor Ring of Grannus ALL
Spell summary
 Id : 42984