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Spell : Use Ability

Use Ability

Target: Self
Range: 10.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant, Recast: 12s
Restriction: Out of Combat

Uses the Ability

Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Ancient Talisman ALL
Barrel of Unstable Potions NONE
Bloodmoon Mining Pick ALL
Cleaning Fluid ALL
Collected Saltwater ALL
Cooling Chamber Navigational Assistant ALL
Counting Sheep ALL
Crystallized Planar Magic NONE
Dark Gem of the Underbelly NONE
Doll of Character ALL
Dreadland Water Extractor ALL
Emblem of Brell ALL
Empty Crystal of Containment ALL
Essence of Bertox ALL
Fireworks Rack ALL
Frozen Dark Gem Fragment NONE
Geerlok Controls ALL
Geerlok Party Bot ALL
Gem of Power NONE
Glowing Ember NONE
Guardian Expediator Mark I ALL
Guardian Expediator Mark II ALL
Guardian Expediator Mark III ALL
Guardian Expediator Mark IV ALL
Guild Writ of the Sunrise NONE
Gyrospire Relocation Device ALL
Inkblot NONE
Insight to Power NONE
Inspiring Insight NONE
Inspiring Power NONE
Jagged Dark Gem Fragment NONE
Lady's Favor NONE
Lost Lord's Promise NONE
Love Inspired NONE
Mercenary Conscription Authorization ALL
Norrathian Hero`s Talisman ALL
Page of Forbidden Lore NONE
Passages of Inspiration NONE
Peace Offering ALL
Power-Imbued Gem NONE
Record of Fables ALL
Record of Legends ALL
Record of Lore ALL
Record of Stories ALL
Record of Tales ALL
Rough Dark Gem Fragment NONE
Saltwater Collection Bucket ALL
Scryer's Torch ALL
Scuffed Dark Gem Fragment NONE
Sea Pebble ALL
Secret Password NONE
Shining Power NONE
Smooth Dark Gem Fragment NONE
Spark of Power NONE
Spectral Containment Device ALL
Spot of Bother NONE
Sympathetic Ice ALL
Tae Ew Ritual Incantation ALL
Unfitted Destrier Saddle ALL
Unflinching Destruction NONE
Wandering Thought NONE
Warlord's Heart NONE
Water Portal Spell ALL
Which Came First ALL
Words of Power NONE
Spell summary
 Id : 7652