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Spell : Ferocity VII

Ferocity VII

Target: Self
Range: 100.0
Resist: Unresistable
Casting: Instant
Duration: 1h (600 ticks)
Dispellable: No
Restriction: Out of Combat

Fills your arms with speed, increasing your chance of performing a double attack.

Slot 1: Increase Chance to Double Attack by 18%
Slot 2: Increase Min All offensive skills Damage by 200%
Items with this effect/focus

Name Class
Abstruse Darktouch Greaves SHD
Abstruse Dreamhunter Greaves BRD
Abstruse Forcestruck Leggings MNK
Abstruse Ironhand Greaves WAR
Abstruse Rageblade Leggings BER
Abstruse Soulbound Greaves PAL
Abstruse Stealthinfused Leggings ROG
Abstruse Stormheart Leggings RNG
Abstruse Wildroar Leggings BST
Ambiguous Darktouch Greaves SHD
Ambiguous Dreamhunter Greaves BRD
Ambiguous Forcestruck Leggings MNK
Ambiguous Ironhand Greaves WAR
Ambiguous Rageblade Leggings BER
Ambiguous Soulbound Greaves PAL
Ambiguous Stealthinfused Leggings ROG
Ambiguous Stormheart Leggings RNG
Ambiguous Wildroar Leggings BST
Ancient Hardened Greaves WAR CLR PAL SHD BRD
Ancient Husk Leggings DRU MNK BST
Ancient Scaled Leggings RNG ROG SHM BER
Atathus` Warfire Vambraces WAR
Autarchian Linked Leggings ALL
Blood-Etched Greaves WAR CLR PAL SHD BRD
Brutal Energeiac Chain Leggings BER
Damascite Bestialcry Leggings BST
Damascite Deathwatch Greaves SHD
Damascite Earthwall Greaves WAR
Damascite Ireblood Leggings BER
Damascite Leggings of the Discplined Animus MNK
Damascite Lifedefender Greaves PAL
Damascite Lorerunner Greaves BRD
Damascite Shadowborn Leggings ROG
Damascite Trailwarden Leggings RNG
Dauntless Minstrel's Hardened Greaves BRD
Depraved Vanquisher's Hardened Greaves SHD
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Leggings ROG
Engraved Froststeel Visor WAR PAL SHD BRD
Faycite Seal of the Berserker ALL
Feral Energeiac Leather Leggings BST
Frenzied Savage's Scaled Leggings BER
Gleaming Energeiac Chain Leggings RNG
Guardian's Greaves ALL
Hardened Energeiac Leather Leggings MNK
Haunting Ruby Amulet WAR RNG MNK BRD ROG BST BER
Heroic Darktouch Greaves SHD
Heroic Dreamhunter Greaves BRD
Heroic Forcestruck Leggings MNK
Heroic Ironhand Greaves WAR
Heroic Rageblade Leggings BER
Heroic Soulbound Greaves PAL
Heroic Stealthinfused Leggings ROG
Heroic Stormheart Leggings RNG
Heroic Wildroar Leggings BST
High Priest's Leggings ALL
Husk Leggings of the Wheeling Fist MNK
Intricately Tooled Leather Leggings DRU MNK BST
Leather Pantaloons of the Beast ALL
Lucid Darktouch Greaves SHD
Lucid Dreamhunter Greaves BRD
Lucid Forcestruck Leggings MNK
Lucid Ironhand Greaves WAR
Lucid Rageblade Leggings BER
Lucid Soulbound Greaves PAL
Lucid Stealthinfused Leggings ROG
Lucid Stormheart Leggings RNG
Lucid Wildroar Leggings BST
Mammoth Hide Leggings ALL
Merciless Beastkin's Husk Leggings BST
Prismatic Blackguard's Leggings ROG
Prismatic Bow-Captain's Leggings RNG
Prismatic Decimator's Greaves WAR
Prismatic Enrager's Leggings BER
Prismatic Gallant-Lord's Greaves PAL
Prismatic Leggings of the Ninth Circle MNK
Prismatic Savage-Caller's Leggings BST
Prismatic Skaldsong Greaves BRD
Prismatic Soulslayer's Greaves SHD
Raging Bloodletter's Hardened Greaves WAR
Recondite Darktouch Greaves SHD
Recondite Dreamhunter Greaves BRD
Recondite Forcestruck Leggings MNK
Recondite Ironhand Greaves WAR
Recondite Rageblade Leggings BER
Recondite Soulbound Greaves PAL
Recondite Stealthinfused Leggings ROG
Recondite Stormheart Leggings RNG
Recondite Wildroar Leggings BST
Relentless Hunter's Scaled Leggings RNG
Righteous Crusader's Hardened Greaves PAL
Rugged Energeiac Plate Greaves WAR
Sanguine Energeiac Plate Vambraces PAL
Shattered Mask of Ancestral Rage BER
Shrouded Energeiac Chain Leggings ROG
Silversteel Chainmail Leggings RNG ROG SHM BER
Singing Energeiac Plate Greaves BRD
Slime-Etched Leggings ALL
Soloist Dream Chest Seal of the Berserker ALL
Soloist Dream Chest Seal of the Venturer ALL
Soloist Dream Legging Seal of the Berserker ALL
Soloist Dream Legging Seal of the Venturer ALL
Tainted Energeiac Plate Greaves SHD
Tattered Cryptrobber's Cloak WAR RNG MNK BRD ROG BST BER
Terror Infused Battleskirt ALL
Thulian Linked Legplates ALL
Vengeful Cutthroat's Scaled Leggings ROG
Vitallium Bestialcry Leggings BST
Vitallium Deathwatch Greaves SHD
Vitallium Earthwall Greaves WAR
Vitallium Ireblood Leggings BER
Vitallium Leggings of the Discplined Animus MNK
Vitallium Lifedefender Greaves PAL
Vitallium Lorerunner Greaves BRD
Vitallium Shadowborn Leggings ROG
Vitallium Trailwarden Leggings RNG
Spell summary
 Id : 9615