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About us
The Magelo adventure started in 2001 with a Character Profiler for Everquest. It was the first of its kind and it becomes really popular among the community. Since then we extended our services for Everquest, World of Warcraft and Rift players to provide with passion several community tools such as Game Database, Signatures, Gear Planner and much more!

Magelo is an independent project that survives thanks to your support! We are not affiliated to any group and we don’t use Ads to finance our development. We are just few devoted and passionated people working from home and doing our best to build a great site! Magelo has and will always be community driven, that wouldn't be possible without our Premium members :) A huge thanks for your support and faith in Magelo!

Let's meet now the team behind the scene that contribute to build Magelo!

Chris aka Jelan
Jelan is the founder of Magelo. Even if he studied Finance and Management at University Paris Sorbone he was always passioned by programming and he learned how to code by his own since really young. He discovered online games at their very beginning and spent days and nights on Ultima Online and Everquest. You will maybe remember his favorite character Jelan the Swift ;)

The Magelo adventure started when he had the idea to create a profiler system for his guildmates on Everquest to show their character equipments, stats and other characteristics outside the game.

Today, Jelan is no longer alone in this adventure and he continues to guide the site and he is responsible of programming and technical innovations. He is one of the lucky guys in the world that could transform his passion in a daily job. He never thought about Magelo as a job actually, he takes care of it since day one with his deeply personal roots as gaming purist.

When he is not glued on his computer, between 3 and 6 in the morning, he sleeps! I am kidding just a little bit ;) Magelo takes a lot of place in his life but Jelan still finds some time to play his little Necro casually. He also loves playing volleyball on the beach with his buddies and he is an avid consumer of Manga, Tv-shows or any Tech blogs he can find on the web :)

Claire aka Loulina
Design and Communication Manager
Loulina is the only girl in the team and just for that she has a great merit ;) She joined Magelo in 2004 when Jelan wanted to re-design the site. She was project manager in an advertising agency in Paris, not web designer... but she jumped into this new challenge and proudly designed many web pages, illustrations and interfaces.

Beside being in charge of the design, Loulina works closely with the team to define our tools and she is taking care of presenting them on the site through news and other contents. She brings also with passion new ideas such as the Sig maker and tries to spread the words about Magelo on the communities around.

Magelo takes a lot of space in her life and she is proud to be involved every day in its construction and improvement. When she is not working on Magelo, she doesn’t miss Glee or other cool Tv-shows. She also loves hiking, yoga, Jelan (yes, partner in life too!), discovering Asia and her cat Misha ;)