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Game Database
Browse Achievements, Items, Spells, Zones, Npcs, Tradeskills
Add your comments and screenshots on any page of the database
Interactive zone maps with points of interest (Frontier, Teleporter, Safepoint, Banker, Merchant)
Updated list of Hot zones
Item search (name, slot, item category, race, class, required level)
Advanced item search with filters and weights
Character Profile
All about your character: equipment, statistics, inventory, bank, AA, skills,...
Show your character in a single, quick-loading, full-screen page with no Ads.
Sample: Ttuk
Show your Alternate profiles
Customization: background image + color theme + music + transparency effect
Character Signature and Avatar
2 sizes of signature (standard and mini)
Dynamic signature data (ID, guild info, title, up to 6 stats)
Dynamic avatar data (class and level)
Customization: background image + cool frame (ice, flower, fire,...) + portrait + color theme + font + statistics
Alternate Profile
Change any piece of your equipment
Access to your inventory
View instantly changes on statistics
Save unlimited number of alternate profiles
Gear modifiers
Find in a clear table all contributions for a given modifier per equipment slot
Inventory tool
Browse all the items contain in your characters bags, bank and houses (per character or server)
Quickly locate specific items by keywords
View plat and various alternate currencies for every character
Collectibles Tool
Keep track of all the things you collect in the game (spells, disciplines, achievements)
Guild tools
View your full guild roster (only one member need to sync his character)
View your guild bank (only 1 Premium member in the guild is needed to unlock this feature)
Characters ranking by server, class, stat,...
Magelo Sync
Synchronization of the character basic information (manual input of gear)
Support Multi boxing and Offline characters
Export characters details (Basics stats, equipment, inventory,...)
View character contextual related information (shortcut to your zone and target)
Contribute to populate the Magelo database
One click full character synchronization
Magelo Tooltips and Web Bar
Access Magelo main features without leaving your current page
Find instantly any item, spell, zone or npc with detailed tooltip
See contextualized tooltips with your own character (item dual tooltip, earned achievement,...)
Customize the Magelo Web Bar (banner and color theme)
Add the Magelo Web Bar and Tooltips in your website
Media Hosting
Get up to 50Mb to store your music and images
News and Forums
Get the latest news about Magelo
Have access to all forums, create threads and discuss with other players
Get the Magelo Newsletter
Get a Premium emblem in all your posts across all our channels
The team will always be there to reply to your post in the Forums
Browse the Illustrated FAQ
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