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Frequently Asked Questions

How Magelo Sync update the database with loots and NPCs location?

You can run Magelo Sync while you play to update the database with relevant information.

How it works?

> Loots
You need to open the loot window to let Magelo Sync observe the loots. With the Auto loot mode on, Magelo Sync is still able to properly catch the information, in 95% of the time.

Magelo Sync is batching observations and send them to the server every 3 minutes. You can however force Magelo Sync to send the observation right away, by synching your character. The new information will be visible on the website instantly. You can refresh the page to see it (F5 or Ctrl + shift + R).

For your information, the loots will be listed in the log file of Magelo Sync. Press “ctrl + shift + L”, keeping the focus on Magelo Sync, to get the log. If they are not there, please report the issue in the Bugs forum.

> NPCs location
Magelo Sync will observe the NPCs around you, the ones you can see on your screen and a little further.
Time to time, we update the database with the new reports we receive from you.

Thank you for your contributions, they will help us keep the Magelo database up to date!