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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Magelo Sync work?

Your computer communicates with the game servers and receives relevant character data. Your machine places the data in parts of your computer memory.

Magelo Sync doesn't sniff the packet stream. What it does is read the relevant memory locations. Item and character data are not encrypted so no decryption is necessary. In-game memory is only read, never written to, so Magelo Sync does not change your in-game experience.

When you log into the game Magelo Sync reads the relevant memory locations and compiles a list of item and character information. It checks Magelo's central database to see if anything is new or changed and transmits updates to the database.

Thereafter, every time you enter a zone, Magelo Sync reads memory and checks its item and character tables for changes. If it finds anything new and/or changed, it updates the central Magelo database. (In practice, very little processing is needed to do this. The little program is asleep otherwise.)

The character information is only updated when the “Sync Now!” button is pressed. Magelo Sync will not send requests to the server for information; furthermore, it does not modify the gaming experience in any way.

Note that one of the main mission of Magelo Sync is to update the central Magelo database. In this way everyone benefits.