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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Magelo provide?

Magelo offers various services in order to enhance your gaming experience.

The Character Profile is the first feature Magelo offered in 2001. It is a way to create a persistence of your character out of the game, to share it with other players and show your achievement in the game. It summarizes all your character information in a single page. Click on the preview below to see the full profile!

Besides our profiling system, we offer a constantly user-updated Game Database including an advanced item search, the location of Npcs and other points of interest on Zone map, Npcs sell table and drops, Tradeskills, Spells,...

We also provide a tool to let you track your missing spells and discipline efficiently, some Guilds tools (full roster, guild bank), and an Inventory tool to get the full picture of all the items contained in your bags, bank, houses as well as all your alternate currencies.

Finally, some cool dynamic signatures and avatar are also available to show your characters in your forum posts.

Check out the list of all features available on Magelo to find out more!

We take pride in working closely with the gaming community and focus on evolving in order to meet everyone's specific needs. All the features on our website were designed with the user's feedback in mind!