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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for Premium?

A Premium subscription costs $30 per year. You can also choose a 3 or 6 months plan depending on the time you wish to stay Premium.
  • 3 months: $5 / month ($15)
  • 6 months: $4 / month ($24) > Get 20% discount!
  • 1 year: $2.5 / month ($30) > Get 50% discount!

Your Premium subscription lets you synchronize all the characters you have on 3 game accounts (3 game slots available) among other features. At any time of your subscription you can buy 7 extra game slots to sync 7 others game accounts. If you choose to buy them at the same time you get premium the cost will be $30 per year (3 and 6 month plans are also available). If you prefer buying them later, the cost will be based on the time left on your currently active subscription.

Note that you can renew automatically your Premium subscription when you purchase it and cancel the renewing anytime you want in the “My account” page.

Subscribe to Premium now to show your support and get upgraded features!