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Frequently Asked Questions

Why non-premium users should run Magelo Sync too?

Non-premium users have a number of good reasons to run Magelo Sync.

Magelo Sync will automatically synchronize your in-game character in real time (identity, guild status, ranking status and basic information). It will be visible in "My characters" page of the website.

Magelo Sync is the sole means of adding items to our database and keeping them up to date. Any user may be the one that contributes an important entry or update, which allows everyone to use the up to date item in their profiles.

Magelo staff cannot and will not manually access the global item database to alter or insert items. Not only is this prone to human error, but items have a number of hidden attributes (like level of effect and item ID number, but there's more) that players have no knowledge of.

Thanks to the related section of Magelo Sync and its quick search, the Magelo database stay in touch whenever you need it. When you are playing, Magelo Sync provides information that is directly related to your character in the game! You can use those contextual information as shortcuts to our website to find details about the zone, your target and soon your quest log.

By running Magelo Sync while logged into the game you verify for us that your character exists on the specified server, which is proof enough to include your manually updated profile in Magelo's ranking system. Without doing this step the profile is excluded. This requirement helps prevent abuse of the ranking system.

Your character's guild tag will not appear on the updated Magelo profile until you run Magelo Sync while the character is logged into the game. The program confirms the guild tag in-game then updates the character's entry in our database.

Magelo Sync can save a report of your items, skills, etc. to a local text file for you to use as you see fit.