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Posted: 2/14/12 4:05 AM

Is there any chance you could add an advanced filter for Spell Damage and perhaps allow it to be in the Order By collumn as well?

As I try to upgrade this stat especially in the form of augmentations I have found it incredibly frustrating that I have only found one site with a filter for this, but no where near as up to date or complete database as this site and it still lacked the ability to order spell damage as a priority.

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Posted: 2/14/12 10:46 PM

Hi Evercluck,
We will definitively add this feature in the new version of the Item search we plan to launch soon.
We will make an announcement as soon as it is ready.
Thanks again for your support!
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Posted: 2/22/12 6:53 AM

could you add a filter only for delay of weapon for fastest one exemple for bow delay faster dealy is better for headshot )

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Posted: 4/5/13 5:21 PM

Finally done

> All spell damage items: http://eq.magelo.com/items?f=f51_0_0
> All bows ranked by their DPS: http://eq.magelo.com/items/5?f=g37_0_0

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Posted: 4/9/13 12:37 PM

I just realized Xeni, that you asked for delay not DPS. The filter now exists but will order it wrongly since it assumes that the greater the value the better it is... I gonna fix this asap !