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Conversion set for the game's thirteenth anniversary

On March 16, 1999 Sony launched what became the longest-running paid MMO service. Which means on Friday, March 16th, EverQuest will celebrate it's thirteenth birthday.

A few moments ago, Sony announced that the previously announced Free-to-Play conversion of Everquest will coincide with the game's anniversary.

When asked about the plans for celebration in a exclusive interview with the Everquest developers, Magelo was told the celebration will be centered around a theme of "13".

According to Adam "Ngreth" Bell, "We hope to give a batch of extra content for everybody. Everybody who's a member will get it. March 14th is when we'll have our patch for that stuff, and we're hoping it's fun. Just keep thinking about 'thirteen'."

In addition to the announcement, Sony has also issued an open call for custom maps to be included in the game, saying "Get your personally created maps ready and keep an eye out we'll ask for them soon". This will not include custom atlases.

We will bring you any further updates and announcements as they become available.