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Posted: 3/15/12 8:16 PM

Class: Magician

Question: Will SoE ever give us a special Call of the hero (Coth) that will allow us to coth across several zone lines? Or will they ever give Mages a group Coth?
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Posted: 3/15/12 10:42 PM

Class: Shaman

The shaman was once the melee priest and was able to mix it up face to face with the mobs. Since PoP this ability has steadily diminished and now they are as squishy as the other casters. Why did this paradigm shift occur?

Also,in a related question, how did shaman forget how to use spears, our first epic is The Spear of Fate, the best shaman weapon in the Pane of Time is a spear, and the best weapon a for a shaman in all of Taelosia is a spear. When did we forget how to stab things with long pointy sticks?
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Posted: 3/15/12 11:45 PM

Class: Beastlord

Question: I have always wondered why the Beastlord class cannot track? It seems that a person that has an affinity for beasts would have some ability to track!

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Posted: 3/16/12 3:32 AM

Class: Rogue

Question: As someone who likes to role play their class I am curious as to whether or not the pick pocket ability will ever have any kind enhancement. How hard would it be to setup a loot table that comes up when the ability is used successfully on a humanoid mob where a rogue can pick the loot they want, with each attempt risking a failure that would generate larger than normal aggro?
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Posted: 3/16/12 8:15 AM

Class : Cleric Epic

Although one of the few epics that are still used, would it be possible to at least make them look like they work properly? I mean the ball and chain would look better if they followed the laws of physics and hung down to the ground except horizontally? To think that NO one has addressed this awkward looking weapon, but have done to improve or fix countless others, when the cleric epic was one of the originals. I would also suggest making it look like it can hit as well, from a further distance, since it's a ball and chain, not a stabbing weapon.
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Posted: 3/16/12 11:49 AM

Class: Necromacer

Why does the Disease line of DoTs continue to be the most underpowered line the class has in its arsenal? Shouldn't it be the most powerful?